WhatsApp has revealed three new features for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. The features were first tested on beta versions and then released on the original applications.

FIRST: The first feature gives group admin the permission to write group description in 500 characters. The description can be added/changed by any group member. An addition that is highly effective for people who operate WhatsApp for business purposes.

SECOND: The second feature allows people to search for their friends in a group of abundant of contacts. The task that was previously hectic because there was no way to search for a specific contact other than asking them directly. This feature will allow people to search and quickly add their friends and family to their favourite groups.

THIRD: The third feature makes switching between audio and video calls, just a button away. Users will not have to go to lengths of ending one call and re-calling another one. They can easily switch between audio and video calls by tapping on the video button.

Source: The News


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