As the Eidul-Fitr approaches, a large number of citizens especially women and children have been rushing to busy markets and commercial plazas of the city to purchase required items for the occasion.

Eid shopping is gaining momentum as large crowds of people are being witnessed in various markets and bazaars of the city.

Nowadays, particularly women are busy buying clothes, bangles, henna, cosmetics, footwear and other items for the occasion. The excitement to celebrate Eidul-Fitr can be seen in several areas of the city, as it is one of the biggest religious festivals celebrated after Ramazan with zeal and fervor and maximum arrangements are made in this regard. Shopkeepers make an immense profit around the arrival of Eid. It is at this point that people who end up shopping last minute as tailors refuse to take orders, leaving buyers with little time to look for other options. Traders take full advantage of this situation by raising their prices knowing that consumers will make the purchase regardless of the high price.

Though the holy month of Ramazan has not finished yet, the residents have begun shopping sprees to celebrate Eidul-Fitr. Large numbers of people throng markets and shopping centers, especially after Iftar, to purchase clothes, accessories, jewelry, shoes and other items. Some are also buying new furniture and decorative items for their homes.

Although there are many who have confined themselves to window shopping, others who wish to make purchases have been unhappy with the price hike. But they still continue to shop.

The shopkeepers said that Eid shopping has started to gather momentum. Even in the middle of the holy month, some tailors had stopped taking orders which was creating a serious hassle for the customers and forcing them to buy ready-made material, they added. A tailor Aslam said that he along with his assistants were working 20 hours, seven days a week to complete all the orders before the end of Ramazan, but the continuous load-shedding was affecting their progress.

Waqar, a student informed that his family started shopping at the eleventh hour since the festivity reached its peak at the end of Ramazan. He said nothing could stop people from shopping for Eid, not even the ever-increasing prices. “The shopkeepers are aware that Eid shopping is a must; therefore they demand high prices to make a profit while customers have no other choice but to make purchases even on rates double the regular price range,” he added.

He said that most of the people visited markets after Iftar as the weather turned pleasant at night. “But this leads to excessive traffic on roads and overcrowding in markets,” he said, and added, “Moreover the mismanagement and little presence of traffic personnel at markets causes massive jams creating problems for the public. Nowadays, the eager shoppers are roaming various markets and trying to purchase best items and gifts either for themselves or for their family members, friends, and relatives. For the traders, it is the best time to make money. They are very optimistic as the shoppers’ presence is increasing day by day and will reach its peak on ‘Chand Raat’.

Meanwhile, police claimed to have made foolproof security arrangements for the protection of the people at various shopping centers, markets, and public places. To ensure the security of female shoppers, lady police have also been deployed in various busy shopping malls at Saddar Bazaar, Raja Bazaar, Moti Bazaar, Commercial Market, Lalkurti and other busy markets of the city. Furthermore, according to the police security plan, law enforcers have been deployed in plain clothes at various sensitive areas and closed-circuit cameras are working in different busy bazaars, parks, and other public places. City traffic police have also finalized a traffic plan to avoid traffic mess and other problems on roads due to the great rush of people mess.  

Source: TheExpressTribune


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