Amazon, eBay or Paypal accounts cannot be officially opened or registered in Pakistan. However, Sunny Ali, the founder, and CEO of e-commerce venture Extreme Commerce has the solution to these issues for young entrepreneurs in Pakistan.

Mr. Ali claims that about $ 1 billion per annum in sales from can be added into Pakistan’s economy by enabling thousands of young Pakistani entrepreneurs to set up online accounts on Amazon and start selling their products. In fact, this process has already begun.

Sunny is training entrepreneurs on how to use Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) fulfillment services so that they can sell their products on Amazon from Pakistan. By making use of FBA, many Pakistani entrepreneurs are finding out how easily they can scale up their businesses.

About Sunny Ali

Sunny Ali is the founder and CEO of Extreme Commerce. He founded Extreme Commerce to enable young entrepreneurs in Pakistan to build and scale their online businesses on Amazon.

Mr. Sunny’s vision is to create 10,000 Amazon FBA Entrepreneurs who can generate $ 1 billion in annual revenue for Pakistan. Furthermore, he hopes that these 10,000 sellers would end up creating more economic opportunities for 50,000 people, helping them build and sustain an ecosystem of Amazon Entrepreneurs in Pakistan.

Mr. Sunny’s vision has already helped thousands of young entrepreneurs build their online stores via Amazon’s Fulfillment network and infrastructure.

To accomplish his vision, he recommends 5 steps/stages for building an online Amazon FBA business from Pakistan.

First stage

For the first stage, Mr. Ali helps you solve the following issues:

  • How to get the ID up and running and understand taxation system of different countries?
  • How exactly to get the account up and running through legal entities around the world (such as LLC in US or Ltd company in U.K or through Estonian E-Residence program, and various different methods)?

Second stage

For this stage, Sunny guides you through finding the right product to market.

He states that one must learn about data points and how to hunt for scores using Jungle Scout and Market Intelligence tools. Furthermore, traders should also know how to check search volumes using tools like Merchant works before finalizing a product to be launched – a product that must have a high volume of search and yet low competition – and ideally, a score 7-8 within 100k of search volumes.

Third stage

How to build this product as your private label brand? How to do sourcing, branding, packaging, logistics just right? And finally, how to get this product right from China or Pakistan all the way to Amazon’s door. These are the questions that Mr. Ali helps you tackle in the third stage.

Fourth stage

After your listing is finally up on Amazon, Ali guides you about how can you get to Page 1 of Amazon. He outlines the strategy and time it takes for your listing to reach page 1, and help you increase conversions.

Fifth stage

Once you have established your FBA sales network and start receiving 1000-1500 monthly orders, it’s time for you to move on to other markets and start building your brand on Shopify, eBay, and other platforms.

Ali also details how to integrate those platforms with your account so that you can avail automatic shipping for your orders from Amazon FBA to eBay or Shopify buyers.

How Does Extreme Commerce Plan to Achieve this Goal?

Sunny Ali claims that his 5 step method has already helped thousands of young entrepreneurs already, who are learning the tricks of the trade through his Facebook and YouTube videos. Besides this, Sunny has also held a few localized training sessions in major Pakistani cities.

According to him, hundreds of sellers have been produced within these past few months, with many successful young entrepreneurs selling $20,000-30,000 of goods per month on average. The data, as well as the sellers’ references, are available on Extreme Commerce already.

Mr. Ali hopes to educate the masses and develop their skills so that they can get investments for their product launches. The ecosystem that Extreme Commerce has developed is helping hundreds of people attract investment while they’re building their skills through Amazon product launches.

Source: Pro Pakistani


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