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Discord to Compete Against Steam With a Dedicated Game Store

Discord is positioning itself as a curated game store, taking a shot at Steam in the process. A few days ago, Steam updated its user...

Facebook Now Lets You Play Games in Ads

Ads will get a lot better (or worse?) on Facebook soon Facebook is being fashionably late in the ad business again with its launch of...

Mobile game revenue grows by 8% during April 2018

Mobile games have helped bolster April 2017’s digital games revenue figures, after console, PC, social, and pay-to-play games saw a small decline. Suerpdata reports a $7.7b...

Fortnite mobile game coming to Android after hugely successful iOS launch

Epic Games has announced the enormously popular game Fortnite will launch on Android in the summer. Fortnite launched on iOS in April, during which...

Female Mobile Game Players Are 36% More Valuable Than Male Players

Women are more valuable mobile games players than men, according to data from DeltaDNA, where figures it’s shown they spend more money on in-app purchases...