The recent price hike of vegetables and fruits has drawn the attention of the Supreme Court and led the authorities to ban the export of all agricultural items to control the food inflation. 

An increase in exports is causing the aggregate demand to push forward, thus causing inflation.

The petitioner advocate, Zulfikar Ahmed Bhutta, pledged to the Supreme Court to command the secretaries of the cabinet division, trade and commerce as well as chairman of the Competition Commission of Pakistan to develop a plan not just to lower the prices of these items but also ensure its availability to the locals.

One way to do it is by banning exports.

Removing Third Parties

The plan is to design policies that would allow the farmers to directly market their products in the open market, without involving a third party.

Foul policies have encouraged the prices of these necessities to spin out of control due to increase in exports of such items and also due to producers taking advantage of the month of Ramadan, the month in which such commodities are high in demand, said the petitioner.

Violating The Law

Shooting up the price of fruits and vegetables is a crime violating the fundamental rights which lay under the Articles 3, 35 and 38 of the Constitution.

Not so long ago, the Competition Commission of Pakistan pitched in the idea to monitor the exports and imports on food commodities and control when and how much to export or import, more like a tariff or quota that involves exports as well.

Support Prices

Alongside this, they also suggested setting a fixed support price of declining crops as well as take precautionary measures to maintain a buffer stock in case of an emergency due to shortages.

The petitioner made sure that the National Price Monitoring Committee is holding meetings in order to brainstorm decisions to control current price hike on food commodities.

It seems that the management or arrangements made were not efficient enough or evolved a corrupt mafia who were exploiting resources and creating a food shortage in the market.

Source: ProPakistani


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