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For the past few days, citizens of different parts of the country, including Karachi, are being warned of soaring temperatures that are expected to cause severe dehydration and heat strokes.

In 2015 we witnessed the chaotic aftermath of one of the worst climatic disasters to hit the country as the temperature reached 49 degrees and claimed the lives of nearly 2,000 people who died from dehydration and heat strokes.

So even if these warnings are false, it still sounds like a good idea to follow simple precautionary measures to protect yourself from the dreaded heat.


This is what you need to know and do this summer:

1.Drink LOTS and LOTS of Water!

The best way of fighting off a heat stroke is keeping your body well hydrated. Drink lots of water, fresh juices or any type of fluid. They compensate for the water loss that occurs due to sweating and helps keep the body internally cool – So DON’T leave the house without a cold water bottle.


2. Find Shade

Direct exposure to the sun is unbearable and torturous for the body in such fuming temperatures, and may cause severe headaches, excessive sweating, dizziness, and yes a heatstroke! If you absolutely must travel outdoors wear a hat and look for shade wherever you can. Be sure to park your vehicle under a tree or building and try to keep indoors as much as possible.



3.Staying Indoor in Peak Hours

The hottest part of the day is between 12:00 – 4:00 p.m. Schedule all outdoor activities before or after this time frame.


4.Dress Appropriately

Ladies, lawn is the lightest and most suitable fabric for hot weather. So put your cotton suits and denim jeans in the back and stick to loose fitted lawn suits this summer. Loosely fitted clothes allow air to pass in between and do not cling to the body, which makes them more breathable. Pair them with casual sandals so that your feet aren’t trapped either.

For the men, if you’re not going out on official work then T-shirts, short pants, and slippers will work or even a crisp shalwar kurta will do.

5.Stay away from packed and small spaces

Rapid breathing helps lower the body temperature. Not only do small packed places cause claustrophobia and make breathing more difficult but if there are more people per unit area than the temperature of the surroundings will also increase.


Signs and Symptoms of Heat Strokes

You should be familiar with the most obvious symptoms of a heat stroke in case you or anywhere near you suffers from one. This is what you should look out for:

  • Profusely Sweating
  • Muscle Cramps
  • Dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Pale skin
  • Nausea
  • Red Hot Skin