As revenues from oil continue to slip to historic lows, Saudi Arabia is hoping to do something different in order to reverse its dismal economic fortunes lately. It is embarking on a huge modernization drive, hoping to attract scores of tourists from across the world, giving its neighbor UAE a run for its money.

To accomplish this, KSA is hiring the services of the best professionals in the business to develop the King Abdullah Economic City – home to fully-featured and futuristic resorts, beaches, hotels, sports stadiums, amusement parks, entertainment centers and more.

First-ever DJ Party

The planners of the King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC) have come up with another high-profile gig to attract tourists from Western countries – by holding the kingdom’s first ever DJ party. Dutch superstar Armin Van Buuren has also been called in to headline the show that puts KAEC on the world map as a popular entertainment destination.

“The idea is to increase interest, spending and create jobs in the city that will translate into more residents,” said Fahd al-Rasheed, CEO of Emaar Economic City, which is in charge of the project.

Ranked number 1 a record five times by “DJ Mag”, Van Buuren is no stranger to performing in the Middle East. The world-famous DJ has already put up shows in  Dubai, Cairo, Beirut, Bahrain, and Jordan. However, it will be his first ever, in fact, the first-ever visit of any DJ, to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Saudi will host the DJ party on June 17 in the King Abdullah Economic City.

The gig is part of Saudi Arabia’s ambitious “Vision 2030” plan that is hoping to move the country’s oil-dependent economy towards tourism and other sectors.

Source: Pro Pakistani 


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