Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif visited the Pakistan Kidney and Liver Transplant Institute (PKLI) on Wednesday and inquired after the health of patients.

He went to the dialysis center, OPD, and other wards and asked about the standard of medical facilities provided to the patients. The patients and their attendants expressed satisfaction and said a state-of-the-art hospital had been developed for serving the ailing humanity.

Speaking on the occasion, the chief minister said he had been satisfied to observe the trust of patients over the standard of medical facilities provided in the hospital and hoped that this hospital would emerge as a role model institution in the region.

Talking to the media afterward, the chief minister said that this most modern institution had been developed by the Punjab government with its own resources and added that he was desirous of starting liver and kidney transplantation as soon as possible.

Medical professionals, doctors and surgeons from Europe and America had joined the PKLI and machinery and other medical equipment were speedily being installed in the hospital. Similarly, operation theaters’ equipment had also reached Karachi and steps were being taken on the fast-track basis to fully functionalize this hospital.

A committee had also been constituted to remove the hurdles in this regard, he added. He said that this wonderful hospital had been made with the colossal amount to serve the ailing humanity and we want that fruits of these funds should immediately be reached to the patients.

“I am thankful to relevant provincial ministers, secretaries and all the line-departments working day and night to fully operationalize this hospital,” he added. I have visited this hospital and met with the patients coming far from Bannu, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and they have expressed satisfaction that best treatment was provided to them in the PKLI, he said.

These words are a matter of satisfaction for me, he added. If Allah Almighty and the people accorded an opportunity to serve the country again then KP, Sindh and Balochistan would be brought at par to Punjab province with regard to educational facilities, health infrastructure, and socio-economic development.

Setting up of a wonderful institution like PKLI with provincial resources has no resemblance in country’s history and it is a major step towards public service, he said. Replying to a question about the Bajwa Doctrine, Shahbaz Sharif said that much had been written in the media about it.

He said that he had met Army Chief Qamar Javed Bajwa and has found him a professional person. His services for the country should be fully lauded. He said that we jointly have to strengthen the national defense.

The immortal sacrifices rendered by the armed forces of Pakistan for the defense of the country and elimination of terrorism and fanaticism should be appreciated from the core of the heart. These priceless sacrifices would not be wasted, he added.

Replying to another question about National Accountability Bureau (NAB), Shahbaz Sharif said that NAB had become very active nowadays; it is the basic responsibility of NAB to investigate corruption and dishonesty.

Accountability of dishonesty occurred anywhere, either by a minister or a bureaucrat, is the responsibility of NAB but this accountability should be irrespective and indiscriminate without making any political victimization.

He said where corruption cases to the tune of billions or trillions of rupees had been established, it was the responsibility of NAB to dig out that money. The way NAB had been activated, it would be a blessing for the country, if it recovered looted billions of rupees from the corrupt, he added.

Shahbaz Sharif said that NAB also summoned him. He appeared before it, answered their queries and everything was recorded. In response to a question, the Chief Minister said that meetings were held with Ch Nisar Ali Khan adding that he had rendered invaluable services for the party.

However, as the President of PML-N, it is my responsibility to maintain party discipline as well. Therefore, I have realized to everybody that party discipline should not be violated. The allegation-leveling should be stopped so that the party could go for elections with full concentration, he maintained.

To another question, the chief minister said that a delay of 22 months had occurred in the project of Orange Line Metro Train due to Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaf (PTI) as it filed petitions in the courts to create hurdles in this project of public importance.

He said that case was heard in Lahore High Court for one and a half years and LHC gave a verdict of 300 pages containing the stay order for eleven points of the project. However, there was not even a single line about any corruption in this project.

Similarly, the case was also heard in Supreme Court where Waleed Iqbal of PTI filed a petition. If there was any corruption in this project, the PTI should have given proof to the court.” Now any wrangling about the corruption is, in fact, an attempt to misguide the nation, the PTI does not want that Pakistani people could enjoy quality facilities available in Europe and other developed countries,these people do not want that working class could reach their destinations in an honourable manner,there are no other supreme forums of justice than Supreme Court and High Court, after failing to prove their corruption charges, PTI’s hue and cry about corruption in this project is equal to licking the dust, he claimed.

He said that Orange Line Metro Train Project was scheduled to be completed on December 25, 2017and 300,00 people were to be traveled. The passage from Dera Gujran to Thokar Niaz Beg was scheduled to be covered in two hours and 35 minutes.

Due to the enmity of PTI with the people, a delay of 22 months had occurred in this project. He said that a culture of sit-ins, lockdowns, and strikes had been introduced by the PTI. It is bad luck that this party has made politics a hub of allegations and deceit, he added.

To another question, the Chief Minister said that may the general election be held in time, fairly and transparently so that the country could move further with a pace to emerge as a great country.

Replying to another question, the Chief Minister said that he suffered from cancer in 2003 and got himself treated in London. Then he went to the USA for further treatment. For that purpose, I went to London for the checkup and many gossips were made which was unfortunate.

He said that when he was ill due to an attack of influenza, he took medicines from a public sector hospital of Punjab.I have made a promise two years back that same high-quality medicines would be provided in public sector hospitals which are used by the elite.

“With the Grace of Allah Almighty, we have been succeeded in this regard and same medicines are being given to the common people in government hospitals which are used by the privileged, we have totally changed the culture of public sector hospitals,” he said.

A network of hepatitis filter clinics is being spread in Punjab for the treatment of hepatitis patients as 25 hepatitis filter clinics had been completed at primary level where 90,000 patients had been provided treatment and free medicines, he said.

Earlier, Shahbaz Sharif presided over a meeting to review progress on the 2nd phase of PKLI. Addressing the meeting, he said that 25 latest filter clinics had been developed for safety from this disease and best treatment facilities were being provided to hepatitis patients under that programme.

He said that hepatitis filter clinics would also be made in Quetta, Skardu, and Azad Kashmir. He said that transplant surgery of liver and kidney would be started soon in PKLI. All necessary arrangements should be made as soon as possible and steering committee should make its own decisions, he added.

Huge funds have been given for serving the ailing humanity and these resources should reach to the patients at every cost. Similarly, a nursing college will also be set up for PKLI, he added. The Chief Minister was also given the briefing about progress on this project.

Provincial Minister Kh. Salman Rafiq, Chairman of PKLI’s BoD Dr. Saeed Akhtar, Hanif Abbasi, Senator Shaheen Khalid Butt, Chairman P&D and others attended the meeting.

Source: Urdu Point


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