People with disabilities, government servants on duty and prisoners can now avail the facility of postal ballots in the upcoming General Elections 2018 as per the circular issued by Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) earlier.

How it Would Work

Those who suffer from a physical disability, and have it listed on their Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC), can exercise their right to vote through postal ballot papers by filing an application and sending it to the relevant Returning Officers (ROs) before 5 July 2018.

Upon receipt of applications, the ROs would post a package containing instructions, ballot paper and a declaration form to the applicants.

The government employees deployed on duty during the General Elections as well as prisoners can also exercise their right to vote. The government servants will have to get the declaration signed by their heads of departments to avail the facility.

For prisoners, attestation by the respective Jail Superintendents would be needed whereas the disabled persons will have to get the declaration signed by a gazetted officer to get their votes counted.

Once the declaration has been signed, the applicants are required to post the documents to the ROs, with one envelope containing the declaration and the ballot paper in another – both these envelopes to be further placed in one envelope before posting.

While the number of registered persons with disability are unknown, the step taken by the ECP would cheer up those who want to vote their favorite politicians but can’t reach their respective polling stations.

Source: ProPakistani


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