Prices to Go Up All Around as Government Revises Taxes for 731 Items

Prices to Go Up All Around as Government Revises Taxes for 731 Items

Government of Pakistan has imposed / increased regulatory duty for 731 items, ranging from fruits. livestock, dairy products, cigarettes, home appliances, smartphones, telecom equipment, cosmetics, utilities, bags, fabrics, garments, ceramics, LCDs, LEDs, cars (both used and new) of all types, sport goods and literally everything you can imagine.

Government has said that this new move will discourage consumers from buying imported items without considering the fact that almost everything consumed in the country is imported from outside.

Government said that import bill has increased multiple-folds and there’s no way of restricting it, other than increasing the import duties on such items, which will also earn the government much needed taxes.

Interestingly, import duties are not applicable on items imported by embassies, diplomats or those items imported by rulers of UAE and Qatar.

Similarly, new duties are not applicable for steel round bars, rods of non-alloy steel, non-grain oriented electrical steel sheets and grain oriented electrical steel sheets.

Complete list of items with their new regulatory duties is shared below:


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