Pakistanis are facing a multitude of issues but water scarcity is one of the most pressing issues these days. With reports suggesting Pakistan as third-ranked among water-scarce nations, and lack of rainfall combined with limited water storage capacity, it is about time we start doing something to save water.

While Pakistanis are still oblivious to the alarming situation, the German Ambassador to Pakistan, Martin Kobler and Youth Ambassador of the German Embassy Islamabad, Marion Pfennigs have taken to Twitter to demonstrate and urge Pakistanis to save water.

Kobler highlighted the fact that Pakistan is facing a severe shortage of water, attributing it to excessive use. He also urged the Pakistanis not to use running tap water for washing their cars – which wastes 100 liters of water on average – advising us to use a bucket.

There are a number of ways to save water in our daily life and using a bucket for such tasks is definitely one efficient way of saving water.

Marion Pfennigs also tweeted about the small acts that can make a difference when it comes to saving water for Pakistan. Inspired by her boss Martin, Marion also demonstrated an easy way of saving small quantities of water in our daily lives.

Running taps are the most common cause of excessive water use and by using water in small containers for our routine tasks, we can contribute to the cause of ‘Save Water for Pakistan’.

The German Ambassador is always seen relating to the Pakistani community as he tries to share a positive image of Pakistan with the rest of the world. He even visited multiple cities across Pakistan and shared a video of his trips on social media.

Source: ProPakistani


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