Lack of Apps: A Major Cause

Belfiore admitted that the apps in Windows Phone have serious problems that have not yet been resolved.

The developers don’t see a future in windows app development and don’t seem to be interested in developing and finding solutions for the apps.

He says that the lack of apps is the biggest problem facing the company. The developers have failed to adapt to the platform in any major way, despite attempts to pay for or build apps for third parties.

Loyal to Its Users

But Microsoft is sincere to its users and does not plan on disappointing them.

Even though the company has announced that it won’t launch any software or hardware updates, it promises to keep providing its users with security updates and bug fixes.

The New Play

Microsoft’s new strategy is to provide users with the Windows experience on a different platform, rather than expecting them to switch.

Microsoft now aims to bring the best of Windows and the Microsoft ecosystem to other mobile platforms.

In fact, it has announced that in the following week, it shall bring the Edge Browser to iOS and Android, and improve Microsoft’s official Android launcher with further tie-ins with your Microsoft account.

Windows Phones, Doomed Since the Beginning

The Windows 7 phone was doomed since its launch in 2012.

Things got a little better when Windows Phone 8 and Windows 10 Mobile came out, but the lack of app developers on the platform and the absence of new apps contributed to its downfall, leading Microsoft to finally give up on any hopes of reviving its phone OS.

That is a shame, given some of the very cool features the OS had.

The user interface was pretty cool. It had customizable tiles on a black background instead of the same old screens with icons and widgets in all the other operating systems. The tiles gave a preview of the apps. Microsoft tried something completely new with their Windows Phone OS but unfortunately couldn’t do enough to keep it going.

Hasn’t Completely Given Up

Microsoft has not given up hope of developing for other mobile phones. They are working on apps for smartphones and have successfully come up with quite a few. Microsoft Office and Outlook are the most popular of the bunch.

Others include Swiftkey, Skype, and very soon Microsoft Edge will also be available on the Google Play Store. Microsoft now believes that developing apps for other platforms will be their way forward.


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