On Nazia Hassan’s 53rd birthday, Google has paid tribute to the pop singer with a doodle honoring the late legend that touched the hearts of millions across the region with her beautiful voice.

The doodle shows the singer dressed in white, with long flowy hair and a mic in one hand epitomizing the culture and pop icon she was and remains to date in Pakistan.

Google stated about the Doodle, “When young Pakistani girls in the 1980s closed their eyes and clutched a pretend mic in their hands, swaying and singing, a major inspiration was Nazia Hassan. Hassan, sometimes referred to as the “Princess of Pop”, was a sensation the likes of which hadn’t been seen in the region in years. Young and graceful, with long flowing hair, she charmed the country by belting out favorite songs “Disco Deewane” and “Boom Boom” alongside her brother Zohaib.”

Nazia and Zohaib Hassan sold millions of copies of their album Disco Deewane

Hassan, the iconic Pakistani pop singer, was also a lawyer and a social activist. Born on April 3, 1965, her singing career started when she was only 10 years old. Her songs were not only famous in Pakistan, but she was also loved in India for her hits.

Having graduated from Richmond, The American International Unversity and the University of London, Hassan gained fame from Pakistan’s TV programme “Sung Sung” and became South Asia’s ‘Queen of Pop’ during the 70s and 80s.

Hassan has sung many famous songs along with her brother Zohaib Hassan. With her successful musical career, Hassan was also a dedicated philanthropist and a social activist. She has worked with United Nations and for UNICEF.

Pakistan’s sweetheart passed away at the age of 35 in London.

Source: Dunya News


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