A four-day Chillam Joshi Festival (Kalash Spring Festival) would be held from May 12 at Kalash valleys of Rumber, Bumburet, and Birir.


A large number of domestic and foreign tourists attend the Chilam Joshi festival every year. Chilam Joshi begins with “Milk day”. Ten days prior to the festival, The Kalasha people store milk from their households.

On the day of the festival, the people of Kalash offer their respect. The festival reflects their unique cultural richness, the harmony in their society and message of peace to the world. They ask for the blessing of the God and pray for a prosperous year of agriculture and health and safety of their herds.

The main objective of the Kalash festival of Chilam Joshi is that Kalasha men and women can find themselves a spouse to get married. The women wear traditional attire with lively colors and hair dresses have patterns of flowers on it.

They wear beaded necklaces which compliments their dresses and headgears.Men wear traditional Shalwar Kameez with a waistcoat made of wool. Much of the dancing takes place in large circles around a bonfire and people chant with mesmerizing repetitions with just a drum beat accompanying the voices.

The girls wear intricate dresses made of cowry shells, coins, and beads with beautiful hair braiding and headwear. Each heavy headdress weighing several pounds is presented to a girl by her uncle. The jewelry includes necklaces made from apricot kernels, a traditional gift during the festivals.

Source: Urdu Point


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