If the weathermen are to be believed, then Eidul Fitr is likely to be marked on June 16. The reason is that there are slim chances of the Shawwal moon being sighted on June 14.

According to Abdul Rashid, director at the Climate Data Processing Centre of the Pakistan Meteorological Department, the new moon of Shawwal, 1439 AH, will be born on the crossing conjunction point at 00-45 PST on June 14.

“According to astronomical parameters, there is a slight chance of the sighting the new moon of Shawwal, 1439 AH, on the evening of June 14 i.e. Ramazan 29,” he said.

The weatherman said the climate record showed that the June 14 weather was expected to be fair or partly cloudy in most parts of the country.

The country’s main moon-sighting body, Central Ruet-i-Hilal Committee, is assisted by the PMD, Pakistan Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission, and Pakistan Navy.

Source: TheNews


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