Dubai’s Head of General Security and Lieutenant General, Dhahi Khalfan, is bashing Pakistanis on his Twitter account with abusive remarks.

The tweet-barrage began started when a gang hailing from Pakistan was arrested by Dubai’s authorities for smuggling drugs into the country. Apparently, the Lieutenant is blaming the entire country and is urging Dubai citizens to stop giving jobs to Pakistanis.

” Pakistanis pose a dangerous threat to gulf societies as a result of the drugs they bring in to our countries. We must impose strict procedures at the entrances [of our countries]. ”

” I invite our citizens to not employ Pakistanis. ”

” It is now a national duty to stop hiring Pakistanis. ”

” How come Indians are disciplined while disruption, crime, and smuggling are prevalent in the Pakistani community? ”

” We became strict with the Bengalis because of the criminal tendencies they have shown. Pakistanis must be placed under an increased level of inspection. ”

Much like Donald Trump, Dhahi Khalfan’s Twitter account is full of similar verbal attacks against other nations and even Turkey’s president.

This is not the first time Pakistanis have been caught smuggling drugs overseas,

  • Almost a year ago drugs were found on a London-bound PIA plane.
  • Around three months ago, passengers off to Jeddah on another PIA plane were found to possess 2 kgs of heroin.
  • And close to three weeks ago, a PIA Paris-bound flight had drug smugglers on board as well.

Nevertheless, around 200 million people live in Pakistan and blaming an entire population because of a handful of felons is bizarre. This kind of reactionary and populist propaganda only serves to further the divide between people and we hope our government lodges a formal complaint against Dhahi Khalfan’s tweets.

Source: Pro Pakistani


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