Two twin sisters were charged at the Dubai Court of First Instance after they acted violently towards a female police officer and verbally abused her while they were drunk, Khaleej Times reported.

According to the public prosecution records, the two British sisters, both legal consultants, 37, were drunk and making trouble outside a hotel in Al Barsha on August 4, 2017, when the police were called to the scene.

They behaved aggressively with an on-duty female police officer. They pushed her and made her fall down, causing her to hit her head. One of them later injured the officer’s right wrist with her long fingernails.

They were charged with physically assaulting an on-duty female police officer and verbally abusing her.

“I was assigned by the lieutenant-in-charge to be part of a security patrol that would bring into custody two drunk women who were making trouble at a hotel in Al Barsha,” the police sergeant, who was assaulted, said. “When we arrived, I found they were already in a police car. The two women were taken to the police station.”

The officer told the prosecutor she was suddenly assaulted by the two women at the police station. “They pushed me and as I fell down, the back of my head hit the ground. I got injured in my right arm, elbow, fingers, and pelvis.”

The two women were later taken by bus to the general directorate of criminal evidence and criminology for toxicology tests.

“They verbally abused me there. They spoke badly about Arab women and I was the only woman around. One of them also grabbed me by my right wrist, injuring me with her long fingernails at the crime lab,” the officer added.

The two accused were later placed in detention while the officer went to the hospital for medical examination and treatment.

Another police sergeant testified having seen the complaining officer down while the two defendants were hitting her with their hands. “I had gone to bring another handcuff and when I came back I spotted them assaulting my colleague. I also saw one of them later at the crime lab attacking the officer.”

The forensic report showed the assault by the twin sisters left the officer with bruises.

The article originally appeared in Khaleej Times

Source: The Express Tribune 


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