Mobile phone companies have received the written order from Supreme Court of Pakistan for suspension of taxes on mobile cards as they are now preparing to make the necessary arrangements to offer Rs. 100 load on an Rs. 100 Card.

According to sources in industry, a written order from Supreme Court was received that confirms that mobile phone customers won’t be charged any taxes or service charges on mobile loads.

This essentially means that customers will get Rs. 100 as a whole on an Rs. 100 card, starting midnight today (12 AM – June 13th, 2018).

According to Supreme Court order, customers will get this initial relief for 15 days only as FBR, mobile phone companies, and other stakeholders are going to determine on how to tax customers who come within the tax net.

Another order — for suspension of taxes on telecom services — could be issued to extend the limit for another term of 15 days.

Supreme Court had maintained that taxes on telecom services should only be deducted from those who come within the tax net.

Till a solution is found out, Supreme Court suspended all sorts of taxes and directed FBR to come up with proposals and mechanics that will ensure that those (poor individuals) who don’t come under tax-net aren’t charged any taxes.

It must be mentioned that all sort of telecoms services, i.e. voice calls, SMS, mobile internet and value-added services will be exempted from taxes.

Source: ProPakistani


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