British Artist Pays Tribute To Edhi Sahab

The world still remembers Abdul Sattar Edhi as the man who dedicated his entire life to humanity. He served as the support and guardian of several orphans and helped those who needed a shoulder. British Artist Pays Tribute To Edhi Sahab.  The world recognizes him as the philanthropist who lived for humanity and served people till his last breath.

His work was not only known in Pakistan but also worldwide. Recently, a London based street artist and a social worker, Daniel Swan painted his mural at the Trafalgar’s Square, London after he got inspired by Edhi’s love towards humanity. He painted this mural to honor Edhi’s outstanding work.

Swan works at UK based organization “People of Perception,” which builds homes for the homeless. Speaking about why he started helping out the homeless, he wrote;

“I used to make what many would call a lot of money, working for one of the world’s largest corporations, doing nothing of value for humanity.”

“People do not have to suffer as they do. British Artist Pays Tribute To Edhi Sahab.  If only more of us helped each other, if only we lived by our love, we could change the whole world and find our riches within,” he further added.

Source: Such Much Pk


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