Apple Will Launch an iPhone with a Triple Rear Camera in 2019

According to industry specialists, Apple is highly likely to include three rear cameras – just like Huawei’s P20 Pro – in its new iPhone.

Apple is looking to “innovate” its iPhone lineup and might include three rear cameras in an upcoming iPhone. Jeff Pu, an analyst at Yuanta Securities, says that Apple is highly likely to unveil “at least one” three-lens iPhone in the future.

Huawei was the first company to plug-in three main cameras in a smartphone, their P20 Pro was the first smartphone to feature this setup and was launched when other companies were still focused on making better dual cameras.

P20 Pro’s triple camera arrangement consists of a 40 MP color, a 20 MP monochrome, and an 8 MP telephoto lens which is capable of 5x hybrid zoom and great low light photography.

Surely, the company’s bold move intrigued the industry and pitched in the idea of having “more and more” lenses – each with its own strength – that collectively shoot a single image.

Looking at the dual-camera trend from 2017 it didn’t take too long to become popular, even Apple powered the iPhone X with dual rear cameras and so did Samsung for its recent flagships.

Apple’s Implementation

Apple, just like Huawei, will only include the triple lens set up in the most high-end (expensive) iPhone of 2019 and might reveal two separate variants in the same year.

According to another Chinese publication, Apple’s iteration might allow 5x lossless zoom and will also consist of at least one 12 MP sensor. The company might improve Huawei’s idea in 2019 with newer features as smartphone-camera technology is readily improving day by day.

Google Sticking With Single Lens Cameras

Google is the only company which has remained loyal to the “conventional” single lens system and still managed to launch some of the best camera phones ever. Its single lens iteration competes closely with its dual-lens competitors and its the only company that has not launched a flagship smartphone with more than one camera on the back.

Source: TaipeiTimes


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