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All of us are well aware that Pakistan is blessed with immense scenic beautiful that attracts tourists from all around the world. But do you know, some of our locations are so beautiful that they can, in fact, put international tourist destinations to shame – The minimal exploration and more importantly, exploitation, of destinations in Pakistan, has served to preserve their natural beauty; making them all the more admirable and awe inspiring – Have a look for yourself!


This picture looks like a calendar shot – Snow covered mountains meeting the drifting clouds, and flowing streams endlessly gushing in between grasslands and peaks – This is what a typical visual of the very serene Skardu look like.


This picture reminds me of the mountainous landscape found in the European country of Austria.

  1. Naltar Valley

Not many Pakistanis are aware of this breathtaking piece of land that has been blessed with all glorious elements that one could envision. Naltar Valley has some great skiing resorts and lakes. And the wintery feeling this picture overall resonates bears an uncanny resemblance to places in Iceland.  



  1. Swat

This river valley has often be annotated as the country’s own local Switzerland, and really, the majestic mountains soaring in the sky, rich forestry and flowing streams all make it visually stunning! So much that it’s been used as a backdrop for many movies and plays.



  1. K2

Does climbing Mount Everest top your bucket list? Try your luck on K2 first.

K2 is the second-highest mountain in the world, with a height of 8,611 meters above sea level; perfectly suited for mountaineers and adrenaline junkies.

  1. Neelum Valley

This is one my favorite. The rising hills, beautiful stream and luscious forestry in Neelum Valley make it the perfect place for a summer holiday; even better than California.


  1. Shandur Top

Popularly known for its polo festivals and sporting events, Shandur Top is called the ‘Roof of the World’. This flat plateau is an ideal place for horseback riding in the midsummer days. This top enjoys some beautiful locations and comes into close competition with the likes of Argentina.  



  1. Deosai Plains

You’d think that a piece of land that’s described as a ‘Plain’ would not have much to offer, but Deosai begs to differ. The grasslands, diverse wildlife, Alpine flowers and the Sheosar lake are all attractions in Deosai that remind us of sites found in Turkey.


  1. Lalazar

Located near the very beautiful Naran valley, the Lalazar hill station is not very well discovered. The region’s shifting landscape, unpredictable weather, and rising pine trees, all make it a beautiful place to visit. The rawness of Lalazar is what its distinguishing factor, which is why even the most flooded travel destinations like Malaysia fall short in comparison.


  1. Rama Meadows

Do you dream of going camping in Canada one day? Take a detour to your very own Rama meadows instead. Where every night the clear blue sky meets with white mountains, green forests, and blue lakes, to create a mesmerizingly calming picture in the sky.



  1. Ayun and Bumburet Valley

The peaceful outlook of these valleys makes them places you’d visit for a relaxing holiday; with similar expectations to a trip to Norway.


The tourist destinations in Pakistan are distinctly attractive because they’re natural and raw – They haven’t been stricken by human exploitation nor have the sites being polluted and altered artificially through human interference – The purity and simplicity of these sites create an unspoken aura of warmth that is extremely rare in the chaotic city life of modern times. Need any more reasons to visit Pakistan? Then Book your flight tickets today!